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About Golf Academy of America

Preparing you for a future in golf is what the Golf Academy of America (GAA) is all about. Founded as San Diego Golf Academy in 1974, GAA is the oldest and largest two-year golf management and instructional college in the United States. Today, there are campuses in five of the country's top golf capitals:

Golf Academy of America:

  • is an educational institution with a combined curriculum of golf instruction and business management.
  • has an outstanding faculty and staff of PGA Professionals, business professionals and educators
  • is based on a unique concept that focuses on a combination of rigorous academic standards and enhancement of golf proficiency.
  • has associate's degree programs which are designed to provide graduates with the education to ultimately manage, or assist in managing, all golf complex operations and businesses, including the competence to teach golf techniques.
  • has an outstanding golf career placement service with an impressive record of helping graduates find the right first golf job and assisting them throughout their careers.
  • helps students pursue their dream golf career. We have graduated more than 10,000 students, but here are just a few golf student success stories.