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Debunking Common Golf Myths

Golfer with his head down after swing mistake

In golf, there are many misconceptions and old wives’ tales — things that golfers, particularly new golfers, often believe to be true. Many of these beliefs are false and can actually harm your play or overall golf experience.

Inside Golf Academy of America’s Technology Lab

Inside Golf Academy of America's Technology Lab

One of the things students love about attending Golf Academy of America is the access they have to current golf technology.

Whether you want more information on your own swing or want to learn how to help others kick their game into gear, the technology lab at Golf Academy of America is outfitted with the equipment you can use to get a read on your playing ability and also learn how to use technology as a professional working in the golf industry.

Andrew Bachelder Talks Shotmakers and Warrior Open

Team Ringers celebrate on Golf Channel's Shotmakers

When Shotmakers premiered on the Golf Channel this spring, 18 players — nine co-ed teams — were vying to win the competition. Two of these competitors happened to be graduates of Golf Academy of America.

Faculty Spotlight: PGA Professional Nathan Grafe, Golf Instructor

PGA Professional Nathan Grafe on the golf course

Nathan Grafe grew up playing golf, and he always knew he loved the game — but he never had a golf professional look at his swing. Finally, when he was a teenager, he decided it was time to get some feedback from an expert. He hopped in his car and drove to his first professional golf lesson.

How Achievement Certificates Could Help Your Career

Students study club fitting and repair at Golf Academy of America.

Each student at Golf Academy of America graduates with an associate degree in Golf Operations and Management. In addition to this degree, earning an achievement certificate may help a student stand out from other golf school graduates.

Tips for Planning a Golf Tournament

Tips for Planning a Golf Tournament

There is nothing like a great golf tournament when the weather is beautiful, the competition is exciting and the prizes are highly desired. To a player, a well-run golf tournament should look like a smooth and seamless operation. Behind the scenes, there are golf professionals hard at work.

Golf Jobs: How to Go After the One You Want

Brett works in the golf industry as a master club fitter.

Golf is a $84 billion industry with many different career paths and competition for top jobs. The search for the right job in the golf industry can feel intimidating. So, how can you be prepared to go after the golf jobs you want?

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