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Golf Careers Placement

Golf jobs. Golf careers. Golf Academy of America has come to be synonymous with employment in golf.

After 30+ years and almost 11,000 graduates, Golf Academy of America has a worldwide reputation as an employee resource for the golf industry. This is evidenced by the growing number of graduates who have secured positions at golf resorts, country clubs, and golf-related companies throughout the U.S. and the world. You can read a few of their stories on our Student Success Page.

Golf Academy of America's Career Services Directors, Career Services Associates, and all full-time PGA professionals are committed to leveraging their extensive background and networking ability to assist graduates in finding the right golf jobs and golf careers.

Golf Career Services

Our expert Career Services personnel start working for you long before you graduate. To help students make the right golf job placement, they:

  • Counsel students in the different types of careers within the golf industry as well as continuing education opportunities
  • Provide guidance in resume writing and cover letters for the application process
  • Assist in preparing for the interview process
  • Advise and offer recommendations about potential and existing job offers
  • Provide recommendations and/or serve as references


Now, Golf Academy of America offers Focus/Career™ to students and alumni. Focus/Career™ provides job seekers like you with all the support you need to find a job and take the next step in a successful career. It can help you build or improve your resume, match you with jobs that fit your qualifications, provide you with feedback on your job search, and help you understand your local job market. Focus/Career™ uses patented technology to read millions of resumes and develops from them an understanding of the patterns of successful career transitions, including the skills required to make those transitions. Once you enter or upload your resume into the system, the tool analyzes your specific qualifications and uses its intelligence to match you with the jobs that are the best fit for you. Focus/Career™ provides you with all the real-time information and services you need to succeed in a challenging job market.

Every effort is made to prepare Golf Academy graduates to secure rewarding positions in the golf industry. GAA does not guarantee employment to any graduate; however, Golf Academy of America's career planning and placement service provides career counseling and assistance in all phases of the golf job placement process.