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Becoming a Golf Instructor: 5 Qualities You Need for Success

Feb 2, 2007

5 Qualities You Need for Success

Being a golf instructor isn’t easy.Here are five things you’ll need if you are to succeed in this career.

As golf gains popularity as both a pastime and a career choice, many a golf enthusiast is choosing to make his or her living as a golf instructor.Although it may sound like a fun and easy job, it is not for just anyone.There are certain qualities every golf instructor needs to be successful.

Expert knowledge about the game of golf:Let’s face it, you just can’t teach something you don’t know enough about.Knowing all about golf is possibly the most important prerequisite for a golf instructor.You can gain this knowledge in a few ways.You can learn a lot of golf on your own time, through books, videos, and hobbyist channels, or you can go to a golf school.Those most passionate about golf will most likely do both.

Experience playing, teaching, or working in the golf industry:A “newbie” isn’t going to have much luck trying to make it as a golf instructor.Certainly, someone who has never played golf before, or someone who hasn’t played it enough, will be unlikely to find a job teaching golf.The most successful candidate is someone who plays golf regularly, and has worked in the golf industry, whether as an instructor or in another aspect of the industry.

Knowledge of teaching techniques:When you are teaching a subject, it isn’t enough just to know that subject from top to bottom.In other words, in order to teach golf effectively, you have to know how to teach golf effectively.Your students may range from the most bumbling beginners you can imagine, to intermediate and advanced golfers just looking to hone their skills.The right teaching techniques will allow you to customize your instruction for the skill level of your students.

An excess of patience:As already mentioned, many of your students may be clueless about golf.Others may just be clueless in general.As a golf instructor, you will need to be equipped to deal with the most frustrating of students.Therefore, patience is one of the most important attributes a golf instructor must possess.An instructor who has a difficult time sailing through a mildly frustrating lesson is not going to last long, or be very successful, in his or her career.

A sincere interest in and passion for golf:As a golf instructor, you will need to have a true love and appreciation of the sport you are teaching.If you cannot think of golf as an art form, or if you go home after a long day feeling like you could not stand to see another golf club, this job is not for you.On the other hand, if you can play golf for large chunks of time every day and still feel like you always want to play more, teaching golf is most likely right up your alley.

Just like other kinds of teachers, a golf instructor is a special person.It takes a unique combination of skills and interests for a person to be suited for teaching golf.If these five qualities above sound just like you, then you most likely have what it takes to be the instructor that people look forward to seeing each week and remember fondly for years afterward.