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How does Golf College Golf Academy of America help you achieve your goals?

Military veteran Michael McVeigh wants to be General Manager at a top golf course, and he's getting prepared for that position as a student at Golf Academy of America. The golf college offers classes in food and beverage, golf operations, instruction, retail and other aspects of operating a golf course that Michael will need.

Golf College Student--Guy Gilmore at Golf Academy of America

Going back to college was "scary," but also exciting for Guy Gilmore who is a student at Golf Academy of America. He attended college years ago but decided to follow his passion to a career in golf, particularly golf sales, so he enrolled at Golf Academy of America. He describes his experience there as "awesome" and encourages others to "go for it."

What's my golf passion? Golf Academy of America students speak out.

Some students at Golf Academy of America want to be club fitters, others want to be top professionals at major golf courses and others want to teach the game of golf. They are working toward their goals at Golf Academy of America. Over 10,000 graduates of Golf Academy of America's 16-month program in golf and the business of golf are working in all aspects of the golf industry: club management, club repair and fitting, marketing, golf manufacturing, tournament administration and many others.

Golf College Student--Kim Henson at Golf Academy of America

Kim Henson is attending Golf Academy of America so she can become a women's golf professional at a top golf course. She decided to enroll at the Dallas golf school because of the instruction from PGA Professionals, the training technology, the golf-focused curriculum and the fact that students get to play at top courses in the Dallas area.

As a veteran, was enrolling at Golf Academy of America a good decision for you?

Military veteran Michael McVeigh thinks enrolling at Golf Academy of America was a good decision for several reasons. He wants to help wounded war veterans learn to play golf, and Golf Academy of America is helping him learn the skills to do that. He says the golf college is a military-friendly college environment and that about 25 percent of students are former military.

How does golf college, Golf Academy of America help you build a golf network?

Thomas McGhee realizes that his fellow students at golf school Golf Academy of America will all be in the golf business one day, and that will form an excellent golf network for him. The PGA Professional instructors at Golf Academy of America and local golf professionals know about many of the unposted jobs, so keeping his network strong is important to Thomas.

Behind The Spots – Tanner Horstmeyer

Behind The Spots – Sebastiaan Slooff

Veteran Golf Students and Others Play to Honor Veterans Day

On Veterans Day, 2012 in Dallas, Texas, five golfers from Golf Academy of America arrived at Luna Vista Golf Course. The faculty and students were there for "a quick 36" holes to honor the men and women of the armed forces—both veterans and active service members. The all-day event was called "Patriots Under Par" and proceeds from fundraising around the golf outing went to the Wounded Warrior Project.

GAA – Glass Ceiling

The Putt.

Ranking high on the list of insane golf trick shots circulating the Internet these days is one by students at the Golf Academy of America in Orlando. In this video, six guys putt at the same time, miraculously sinking the balls one after another.

The students are Joseph Gauthier, John Whitney, Aaron Kosh, Douglas McNaughton, Kyle Copeland and Zach Fuller.

The now-famous clip has made its way around the blogosphere and was even named the "Best Available Video" by ESPN Radio's Scott Van Pelt and Ryan Russillo.

Phoenix Campus Director Eberlein talks high-tech golf on TV

Tim Eberlein, PGA Master Professional, Campus Director for Golf Academy of America in Phoenix, recently hosted Phoenix's ABC-15 reporter Brandon Hamilton on campus to discuss the high-tech golf training gear that helps students improve their game.

Golf Academy of America WBAP Radio Spot

Hear Campus Director Greg Gossett talk about the Dallas campus with WBAP radio.

GAA – Corporate Ladder

For a career in golf, earn a golf degree at the Golf Academy of America, the largest and oldest two–year golf college in the world.

GAA — Morning Drive

With over 45 PGA Professional instructors, our 16--month golf degree program balances classroom studies and golf training, preparing students to win in the game and the business of golf.

GAA – You Drive

For golf career, attend America's premier golf college - Golf Academy of America.

11/11/11 Veterans Day at GAA!

Interview with Golf Academy student Mark Chapman played 11 rounds of golf in 11 hours to benefit Salute Military Golf Association on November 11, 2011.

Veteran plays 11 rounds on 11-11-11 in under 11 hours

WPDE News Channel 15: Golf Academy student Mark Chapman played 11 rounds of golf in 11 hours to benefit Salute Military Golf Association on November 11, 2011.

Golf Academy of America drives students into the golf world

Mark Davenport, the reporter from WCSC-TV in Charleston, S.C., provided this YouTube link to the story he produced on September 21, 2011

GAA – Accredited Golf College

Golf Academy of America is an ACICS-accredited educational institution offering a combined curriculum of golf instruction and golf business management.

Eric Busto – Student and Marine Corps Veteran

"I had a strong level of desire to become involved in the golf industry, I just did not know how to get there. I'm graduating very soon. I have a job that's waiting for me. Life couldn't get any better."

Scott Roland – GolfTec Teaching Professional

"The golf industry was certainly my passion, and the Golf Academy of America led me to my passion."

Chuck Thiry – Brand Manager – Cleveland Golf

"The Golf Academy of America opened my eyes to all these different avenues that the industry had, because golf is not only a sport, but it's also a very large industry."

Golf jobs subject of TV interview with Fred Barr of Phoenix

"We take our students from the classroom to the marketplace with success," said Fred Barr, PGA, during an on-air conversation with Phoenix's ABC-15 reporter Brandon Hamilton. Mr. Barr is Career Services Director for Golf Academy of America in Phoenix.