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Awards & Honors

Golf Academy of America rewards students who combine outstanding academic achievement and playing proficiency with various honors and awards. Here are the qualifications.

Player's Credential Ribbon

  • Pass PGA, LPGA, or Golf Academy of America Playing Ability Test (PAT). The Golf Academy of America schedules its PAT (36 holes) one time each semester.
  • Have a cumulative grade of 3.5 GPA or better in select classes.

Students who qualify for a "Player's Credential" will receive the award upon graduation. The Player's Credential will serve to verify that the graduate has achieved a level of playing competency equal to the demands of the PGA Playing Ability Test for Teaching Professionals.

Graduation with Honors

  • Have all incompletes cleared and not be on probation.
  • Have a 3.67 GPA or better in all work attempted at the Golf Academy of America.

President's Award

  • Be an honors graduate (GPA of 3.67 or better)
  • Successfully pass the PGA, LPGA or GAA Playing Ability Test
  • Have three letters of recommendation from PGA or LPGA Professionals
  • Achieve a 90% or higher attendance rating for all four semesters
  • Earn a minimum of two certificates