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Tuition and Fees

At Golf Academy of America, class work is important—courses such as business management, communication, marketing, accounting, and other subjects—but so is playing golf and getting hands-on training and experience. With our one-price tuition, there are no surprises.

The tuition for our golf school includes these benefits, which directly impact the success and experience of our students.

  • Green fees: Each school features a wide variety of golf courses to play. Student fees cover two 18-hole rounds per week. The first round is tournament play and the second is open play. Discounted rates are available at other times for students to play.
  • Range balls: Unlimited range balls can be used at any time during the range's posted business hours while GAA semesters are in session.
  • Tournament fees: Weekly tournaments are held on a variety of courses to gauge golf improvement and obtain tournament operations experience.
  • Textbooks: At Golf Academy of America, textbooks are included in the price of tuition.
  • Instructional clinics: Instructional clinics from short game to putting to driving are held throughout your student experience. There are no additional tuition or fees for instructional clinics.
  • Private lessons: Private golf lessons are available by appointment with our professional coaching and teaching staff. This individualized attention prepares you for future success with your golf game and helps you develop a teaching method that's comfortable for you. There are no additional tuition or fees for private lessons.*

* Private lessons must be scheduled in advance and are based on availability.

The cost of tuition and fees can be challenging for some. We can assist you in finding the right student financial aid which helps you pay for your education while incurring the least amount of debt. Golf Academy of America can also assist you in finding part-time jobs while attending school.

Domestic: $8,587.50 per semester

International: $8,945 per semester

Questions? Ask away! We'll help you any way we can. Call us at 800-342-7342 or fill out the more info form.

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