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About Golf Academy of America

Preparing you for a future in golf is what the Golf Academy of America (GAA) is all about. Founded as San Diego Golf Academy in 1974, GAA is the oldest and largest two-year golf management and instructional college in the United States. Today, there are campuses in five of the country's top golf capitals:

Who We Are:

  • We are 40 years of industry expertise and experience in preparing our graduates for careers in the $76 billion golf industry.
  • We are an educational institution with a combined curriculum of golf instruction and business management.
  • We are an outstanding group of faculty and staff of PGA Professionals, business professionals and educators
  • We were founded on a unique concept that focuses on a combination of rigorous academic standards and enhancement of golf proficiency.
  • We are the first step on your journey toward a rewarding golf career.
  • We are our more than 10,000 alumni, including these golf student success stories.
  • We are Golf Academy of America, and we want YOU!