Consumer Information & Catalogs

In agreement with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), Golf Academy of America is pleased to provide current and prospective students with access to various types of consumer information.

In addition to the information found below, which is disclosed by program, you may also find other consumer information, listed by location, by accessing either of the following links:


Policies & Disclosures


  • The site below will provide information regarding items such as tuition, student diversity, retention rates and other financial aid information. Please contact your Academic Dean should you have any questions or problems accessing this site. Thank you.
  • Voter Registration Link
  • Pursuant to the "Protecting Our Children and Adults from Sexual Predators Act," you are hereby given notice that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has established a sexual predator and sexual offender registry website (, and toll-free telephone number,(1-888-357-7332, or for TTY Accessibility - 1-877-414-7234) that gives access to sexual predator and sexual offender public information.