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The Golf Industry Today

The golf industry is a $84 billion industry supported by over 15,000 golf-related facilities that employ nearly 2 million people annually. Beyond golf courses and facilities, the industry includes property management companies, equipment manufacturers, tournament management companies, travel businesses and a number of golf-focused media properties. Golf jobs require professionals who understand the business of the game and the importance of revenue generation, sustainability, operations, growth and profitability of the industry.

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Your Golf Career Through Golf Academy of America

Golf Academy of America has developed a worldwide reputation as a leading source for highly trained and well-rounded managers and leaders in the golf industry. For 40 years, we have ushered over 11,000 students through our doors and on to securing positions at public facilities, world-class resorts, prestigious private clubs, nonprofit organizations and other golf businesses worldwide.

Qualified Candidates for Golf Industry Jobs

Golf Academy of America has a longstanding tradition of educating career-focused golf professionals who are ready to work in the industry the day they graduate, and employers across the industry continue to hire our graduates year after year.

Here's what employers say about Golf Academy of America graduates:

"Golf Academy of America graduates are the only ones I'll hire. The number one reason is they're instructed to be professionals. They have all the basic training we need and they come in for their interviews prepared. You can't go wrong with GAA graduates."

"I have a good respect for the base knowledge of Golf Academy of America graduates. They tend to have a little bit of tournament experience and a good start going in in most areas."

Christa Bodensteiner, PGA, Litchfield Country Club, Pawleys Island, South Carolina

"We have hired several GAA graduates and are really pleased with their customer service skills. We're in a resort area and customer service is really important."

Randy Broughton, PGA, Man O'War Golf Course, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

"We have been very pleased with our experience hiring Golf Academy of America graduates. We're open May through October – we're a seasonal club. We prefer to hire GAA students because in May the Academy guys have just graduated and are ready to start their first jobs. They seem to be doing a good job training them for day one work."

Allen Chandler, PGA, Highlands Falls Country Club, Highlands, North Carolina

"I've hired seven Golf Academy of America graduates. My current co-manager is a GAA graduate. Golf Academy of America graduates have the skill sets that can make them successful in the industry more quickly than other graduates. We're a big believer in the Academy."

Alan Lebarts, PGA Tour Super Store, Irvine, California
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