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Is it True That Golf is 90% Mental?

Golf Academy of America
Golf Academy of America’s David Estabrook explores why some players are more definable by the way they think than the way they swing.

Golf Technology: What Does It All Do?

Golf Technology: What Does It All Do?

The game of golf has been around for centuries and has continuously changed throughout the years, but especially in the last few decades. The most recent improvements to the game include technological advances such as wearable technology, tracking systems and recording devices.

GAA Partners with Graduate Marc Solomon’s Golf Made Simple

GAA Partners with Golf Made Simple

“Do what you love, and you’ll be successful at it.”

This was the advice that Marc Solomon’s father gave him — and Solomon took it to heart. He loved golf, so he enrolled in Golf Academy of America in Orlando. More than two decades later, he is proving his father right.

How important is green reading in putting?

How important is green reading in putting?

Let’s face it, everyone would like to play better golf. The question is, with all of the new technology available to the public, is it worth your time and dollars?

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