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Ryan Gray PGA Head Golf Professional at Honeybrook Golf Club

Nov 8, 2013

Ryan Gray
Left to right: Ben Ingles, Tim Beegle, Chandlir Pinkham, Ryan Gray

Golf Academy of America in Myrtle Beach, Class of December 2005

How did you achieve your current position? 
I was hired at Honeybrook Golf Club in 2010 as the Head Golf Professional. Prior to this position, I was the First Assistant Golf Professional at French Creek Golf Club for three and a half years. My first professional job was at Blue Ridge Country Club in Harrisburg, Pa., where I learned from Master PGA Professional Peter Micklewright.

What were the biggest influences on your career choice of golf?  
My parents were my biggest influence. They are my greatest fans and always helped me in my golfing career from the time I was a junior player to my professional ranks. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be a member at a facility where I would play, practice and have fun from sun up to sun down. This allowed me to be around the golf operation all day, helping me gain my passion for the game. Growing up, I was able to connect with many golf professionals and create relationships that opened multiple opportunities in the golf business.

How did Golf Academy of America help you to achieve your goals?  
Golf Academy of America educated me on self-discipline, professionalism and facility operations. I learned the importance of running smooth golf tournaments and golf operations, of being professional through communication and handling difficult situations, all while maintaining a professional demeanor. Self-discipline was taught through making priorities and having deadlines to complete tasks, which carries over into the day-to-day operation. You must prioritize and create deadlines for yourself to complete your tasks. Golf Academy of America helped mold me into the golf professional I am today.  My education there was one of the best experiences of my life.

What advice would you give those wanting to get into the golf business?
Go talk to and ask questions of numerous golf professionals. Once you choose your career path in golf, I think the three biggest things to help you grow are communication, continuing education and networking. Each day you have to make yourself a better person. In the golf business you always have to remember there is not a job that is bigger than yourself. When you jump into a facility, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to make the operation run smoothly.

Are you currently a PGA member or seeking membership?
I began the journey to my PGA Membership in 2006 and earned membership to The PGA of America in May 2010.

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