Golf Academy of America Dallas Grad Starts iScoreGolf

Jul 5, 2017

Guy Gilmore

Guy Gilmore had worked in the turf industry for seven years when he stopped and asked himself a question. If you could do something for the rest of your life, what would you do?

“My answer, over and over, was golf,” he says. “So I took the initiative to enroll in Golf Academy of America in Dallas, and that was a complete paradigm shift that changed my life.”

His timing was good. Gilmore was living in Dallas, and the Golf Academy of America campus had just opened. He went in open-minded, with the goal of learning as much as possible and taking everything in.

“My favorite part was recognizing that there were so many different avenues in the golf world, and you didn’t necessarily have to go the route of golf pro at a country club. It was eye-opening,” he says.

Gilmore emphasizes that working with his career advisor was instrumental in helping him find his path.

What is iScoreGolf?

Today, Gilmore is the founder of iScoreGolf, which provides live scoring for charity golf tournaments. Instead of paper score cards, each team keeps score on an iPad mini, allowing everyone in the field to see exactly where they are on a live scoreboard and giving the tournament more of a PGA feel.

iScoreGolf is based in Houston, but is now operating in eight locations across the country. To help run the tournaments, Gilmore has hired fellow Golf Academy of America alumni.

Was Golf Academy of America Worth It?

Gilmore regularly revisits what he learned at Golf Academy of America; his textbooks are within easy reach. The tournament class, the computer class and the business class were especially valuable to him.

Right now, Gilmore’s future looks promising:

“I have investors already calling me, saying they want to do this,” he says. “The model is working.”

As for his time at Golf Academy of America — Gilmore says it was life-changing.

“You get out what you put in,” he says. “Once I enrolled…it was the first time I felt like I was on a path I was controlling.”