Golf Career Advice from Director of Golf Operations and Graduate Brandon Delgado

Mar 2, 2018

Golf Career Advice from Director of Golf Operations and Alumni Brandon Delgado

Brandon Delgado believes in the importance of investing in yourself and your education. It was this belief that led him to enroll in Golf Academy of America. The same conviction then motivated him to complete the PGA Apprentice program, pass his Playing Ability Test (PAT) and consult a professional résumé writer before graduating.

His hard work has paid off. Today, Delgado is the Director of Golf Operations at Monarch Beach Golf Links, a five-star beachside resort in Southern California. But he has not let his success lead to complacency. The PGA professional, who is already certified in golf operations, is currently taking his second certification in general management. By 2020, he will be a certified club manager.

“Don’t be afraid to invest in your education, invest in your résumé and invest in other things that are going to help you get a better job,” Delgado says.

Delgado graduated from Golf Academy of America in San Diego in 2006. A decade after enrolling at the school, he received his first Head Golf Professional title at Carmel Mountain Ranch Country Club in San Diego. From there, he moved to Monarch Beach, where he has been leading the golf operations since January 2017.

What Does a Director of Golf Operations Do?

“I’m responsible for driving revenue, for service level and for maintaining the standards our ownership group has put forward for our property,” Delgado says. “That means total operations — including the golf shop staff, the outside service staff, valet staff, retail staff and food and beverage staff.”

In all, Delgado, whose official title is Director of Golf Operations, has 38 staff members directly reporting to him from departments throughout the facility.

“You have to be a people person to be successful in the golf industry — both the people who come to play and the people who report to me,” he says. “Managing people is probably one of the most difficult things, and to have a good relationship with your staff and earn their respect as a manager is something that I think is really important.”

Delgado has found that the knowledge he gained from his Golf Academy of America education and his previous job experience has helped him tremendously in his role.

“I had zero experience in the golf industry when I enrolled at Golf Academy of America, so it was a really good foot in the door. The same operation fundamentals that we learned and that I applied at much smaller resorts still apply here at Monarch Beach, just on a bigger scale,” Delgado explains. “It’s really the same thing, but there’s a lot more zeros, a lot more responsibility, a lot more stress, a lot more time on the property and a lot more effort. It’s just magnified.”

Delgado loves where he is now, but he has no plans on stopping. He wants to continue to grow within the golf industry.

“I definitely have aspirations of being a general manager and having my own facility, with complete responsibility for the operations of a golf course,” he says.

His advice to those aspiring to find success in the golf industry is to work as hard as possible, continue to learn and feed their golf passion.

“I wake up and I watch the Golf Channel as I’m getting ready,” Delgado explains. “I work at a golf course. I come home, and I watch the golf tournament from that weekend that I recorded on my DVR. Just eat, breathe and sleep golf, and do everything you can to be as successful as you can.”

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