Graduate Chance Leith Builds Golf Lifestyle Business with Golf Times Magazine

Nov 15, 2016

When people think about careers in the golf industry, they tend to think about jobs like a course’s Head Professional. What might be overlooked is that a Head Pro is just one of a multitude of job titles within an industry valued at $84 billion every year. Professionals in the golf industry hold jobs on and off the course, from course architects and event managers to human resources and marketing. Golf Academy of America graduate Chance Leith, owner and publisher of Golf Times Magazine, is one example of how varied the careers within the golf industry can be.

After Chance graduated in 2008, he left golf college with the same passion for the game that compelled him to enroll in the first place. With a strengthened desire to turn the game he loved into a career, he started Golf Times Magazine during his final semester. As the owner and publisher of the lifestyle publication, Chance found a niche geared towards local golfers, and after eight years has grown the publication in several golf-centric markets as well as built the Times into a leading online publication.

Becoming a self-employed golf entrepreneur, Chance knew Golf Academy of America’s business curriculum would help him in the long run as a business professional in the golf industry. He learned the ins and outs of sales and marketing in the context of a golf business and employs the skills he developed each day running Golf Times Magazine. Beyond sales and marketing, Chance unexpectedly found great value in his public speaking electives. Through the Verbal Communication Skills course, Chance learned how to comfortably and effectively convey important information to a group of people — which he identified as a skill utilized every day in his golf career.

Check out the video above to hear from the man himself. Chance’s success is a story that we will continue to follow as he grows his business and serves as a leading example of the achievements Golf Academy of America graduates earn each and every day with their business education.

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