Mike Reichert – Assistant Professional at Flossmoor Country Club, Flossmoor, Illinois

Aug 10, 2015

Mike Reichert

Mike Reichert is a 2013 graduate of Golf Academy of America.

What do you do as Assistant Golf Professional?
I help maintain golf operations and help with pro shop duties. I make sure players have caddies and manage the bag room staff attend to the members and keep carts ready for use throughout the day.

How did Golf Academy of America prepare you for your current position?
Golf Academy of America helped me understand how a golf course works. After school I felt comfortable during my new job because all the staff at the school helped me learn about running a golf facility. I knew what to expect day to day because of the great classes and teachers at the school, who passed on their knowledge.

What were the biggest influences on your career choice of golf?
I feel that playing with my Dad made me realize I would like to teach this game to other people. Spending time outside and enjoying the mental challenge of the game always keeps me coming back for more.

Tell us about your career accomplishments since graduation.
After my first year out of school I was welcomed back to my job for a second season for me. I will have more tournament operation duties this year and more junior golf teaching opportunities. I have started my qualifying level in the PGA and plan to continue on the path to becoming a PGA member.

What are your career goals and how do you think your education at Golf Academy of America is helping you achieve them?
My Career goal is to become a PGA teaching Professional. GAA taught me the fundamentals of the golf swing and what to look for in the student to help me understand them, so I know how to help them learn to improve.