Golf Academy of America Dallas Student Trevor Arnold Talks Taking Up Golf at 24, Turning His Hobby Into a New Career

Oct 21, 2015

Trevor Arnold

It takes intestinal fortitude to play golf, but that's nothing compared to the guts it takes working hundreds of feet in the air on a cellphone tower. That's what Trevor Arnold was supposed to be doing instead of sitting in a Florida hotel room one day in 2014.

It was raining, canceling the day's job, so Trevor was catching up on a little television when an ad caught his eye — an ad for Golf Academy of America. Trevor took up the game at age 24 purely for recreation. Golf is a less strenuous activity than his other passion of carpentry and renovating old houses.

The game captivated Trevor as a hobby in which he could totally immerse himself, one with a significant mental component. He's one of those nothing-by-half-measures folks, having grown up in the small, hard-working Texas town of Goliad. A natural athlete with a background in baseball, football and tennis, Trevor took to golf immediately.

But in that hotel room on that rainy Florida day last year, something else clicked for him. Why not take his hobby and turn it into his career? It was as simple as that — no need to overthink things.

"I thought to myself, I would really enjoy a career in the golf industry," Trevor says.

Much as he suspected, Trevor is loving his time at Golf Academy of America in Dallas.

"All of the teachers are very informative and create a positive atmosphere," he says. "And the students are very friendly to one another. They all try to help each other, whether with schoolwork or something pertaining to golf."

Trevor's favorite classes so far have been Rules of Golf and History of Golf.

His favorite golfer of all time? Not Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson or even Jack Nicklaus or Ben Hogan. It's Walter Travis, the "Grand Old Man." He, like Trevor, took up the game relatively late in life. Travis went on to have a storied competitive career and designed a number of classic courses in the Northeast such as Garden City Golf Club in New York and Ekwanok Golf Club in Vermont.

Trevor doesn't see his relatively recent discovery of the game as a hindrance.

"You get what you put into the program, no matter what your background," Trevor adds. "If you stay on top of your homework and utilize the training facilities that are offered, you will excel and enjoy your time here at Golf Academy of America."

That kind of simple determination is exactly what top golf companies and facilities look for in potential employees. Trevor's own ascendancy in the golf industry seems inevitable, and better late than never.

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