What to Bring to Golf College

Golf college students with golf equipment

When you enroll in golf college, it is important to make sure you have everything you need in order to achieve success. While you are double-checking your bags and clubs, it is equally important to remember that golf schools also want you to bring the right attitude, mindset and spirit to the field and to the classroom. This list from Golf Academy of America can help you be poised to tee off to a good start.

What Does It Take to Have a Career in Golf Club Fitting?

Golf club fitting interview

Many golfers spend a lot of money on different methods to help improve their swing. One option that many often lean toward is improving or changing a their golf equipment.

A proper golf club fitting has the potential to make or break a player’s swing and overall game. Club fitting is both an art and a science. To be among the best club fitters, your analysis when assessing a player’s swing and their equipment must be up to par.

Faculty Spotlight: Eddie Brown, PGA Professional and Instructor at Golf Academy of America in Myrtle Beach

Eddie Brown, PGA Golf Professional

Eddie Brown wasn’t particularly interested in majoring in any of his classes in college. But the more he learned about the golf industry, the more it appealed to him. He began his journey into the golf industry working at a golf merchandise location in Hilton Head, South Carolina in the late 1980s. He soon met a PGA Tour player who was starting a golf management company, and that friend offered him a position as the first assistant with the Hampton Club on St. Simons Island, Georgia.

Golf Academy of America Announces 2018 Top 100 Alumni List

Golf Academy of America Top 100 Alumni Logo

Golf Academy of America is proud to announce its list of 2018 Top 100 Alumni. The list was created to mark the 44th year of the school’s operation and to highlight the achievements of those alumni that have taken their knowledge of the golf industry and used it to build successful and rewarding careers around their favorite sport.

Lost and Found: How Golf Academy of America Students Reunited I.K. Kim with Her Missing Golf Bag

How Golf Academy of America Students Reunited I.K. Kim with Her Missing Golf Bag

When Jeff Fenstermacher found a professional LPGA bag in a used sporting goods store, he thought he hit the jackpot. For the reasonable price of $59.99, he got a real professional’s golf bag, complete with all sorts of personal paraphernalia — a book, a money clip, a range finder, golf balls, tees and more. Excited by his find, he put his own clubs in the bag and took it to his Advanced Short Game class with him at Golf Academy of America in San Diego.

Why You Should Play Winter Golf in Phoenix, Arizona

Why You Should Play Winter Golf in Phoenix

From polar vortexes to bomb cyclones, this winter has been a brutally cold one in many areas of the country. But one place that hasn't bundled up against the bitter winds and dealt with back-breaking hassle of shoveling snow: Phoenix, Arizona.

Myrtle Beach Golf Tournament for Alumni

Myrtle Beach Golf Tournament for Alumni

In December, Golf Academy of America’s Myrtle Beach campus hosted an event for its graduates. One hundred and twenty alumni from across the country returned to their old stomping grounds to reunite with classmates and instructors, and, of course, to play some golf.

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