5 Ways to Get Into the Golf Industry

Jul 12, 2017

5 Ways to Get Into the Golf Industry

According to Golf Academy of America in Myrtle Beach Campus President Gene Augustine, it’s difficult to break your way into the golf industry. In a radio interview, Augustine detailed five of the best ways to get into the golf industry:

How to Get Into the Golf Industry

1. You’re born into it.

If your family is a golf family — whether they are golf instructors, PGA members or professional players — you’ve likely lived and breathed golf your entire life. These connections will open the door for you to get a golf career. For example. Claude Harmon won the Masters, and his four sons, Butch, Dick, Bill and Craig, all followed in his footsteps and became golf professionals, as did his grandson, Claude Harmon III. Davis Love III has a similar story; he was born just one day after his father competed in the Masters, and went on to win a PGA championship.

2. Get an MBA from a top business school.

Getting an MBA can get you into almost any industry, and golf is no different.

3. Go into a professional golf management program as an undergraduate.

According to Augustine, there are about 18 of these around the country.

4. Be an apprentice to a PGA professional.

Get a job working for a PGA professional, and work your way up the ladder. Learn as much as you can from the pro, and along the way, take the PGA program. However, this is a difficult path to take, because many PGA professionals don’t have sufficient time to teach you everything there is to know about the golf industry.

5. Attend Golf Academy of America.

Not only will you learn the rules of golf and how to be a better player at Golf Academy of America, but even more importantly, you’ll learn the business of golf and gain the skills to teach golf. The business management practices and techniques we teach our students are coveted by golf clubs across the country and include accounting, marketing, business management, business law, club fitting and repair, and golf technology. Our students graduate with the tools they need to pursue a job in the golf industry.