Bend It Like Bubba and Cure Your Slice

Mar 7, 2017

Bend It Like Bubba and Cure Your Slice

By: Steve Newman

On the second playoff hole of the 2012 Masters, we saw Bubba Watson bend his approach shot around the trees onto the 10th green with a massive amount of left-to-right spin to win his first green jacket. Bubba has a great imagination, and from watching him, we can learn the factors make the golf ball curve.

For a right-handed golfer to produce right-to-left (hook) spin, the clubface (red arrow in photo above) must be closed to the club path (blue line). This will impart right-to-left spin and make the shot hook rather than slice.

This is a great lesson if you “slice” the ball. If you watch Bubba, he rotates his top forearm over his bottom forearm so that the toe of the club rotates past the heel. This also makes the club-head travel faster, creating more distance.

This is similar to a baseball player rotating their top hand over the bottom hand. If you played baseball or softball growing up, think about how a right-handed batter would hit the ball down the third base line and impart “hook spin”. This is far different than hitting it with “slice spin” down the first base line. Baseball swings with a golf club are a great way for you to practice and train your forearm rotation.

To cure your slice, check the following:

Steve Newman is a PGA Professional and Director of National Placement Strategy at Golf Academy of America.

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