Checklist: Should You Become a Golf Instructor?

Oct 10, 2017

Golf instructor and teaching professional

By Tim Wilkins

I’ve carved out a happy and accomplished career teaching the game of golf, so I thought I’d share a few insights to help you decide if you have what it takes to become a golf instructor.

Use this checklist of skills and business considerations as you make your decision to pursue a career as a golf instructor:

How to Become a Golf Instructor

The above list might not be comprehensive, however, you’re off to a good start if you have them all checked! You may now be wondering about the next step. There are several paths you can take to become a professional golf teacher. One of those paths includes attending golf college such as Golf Academy of America.

In today’s world, working knowledge of the business, the game, and the technology of the game of golf are all ingredients for success in the industry. Request more information or give us a call at (800) 342-7342 to get started!

Tim Wilkins is a PGA Professional and Academic Dean of Golf Academy of America in Phoenix.