GAA Partners with Graduate Marc Solomon’s Golf Made Simple

Apr 18, 2017

GAA Partners with Golf Made Simple

“Do what you love, and you’ll be successful at it.”

This was the advice that Marc Solomon’s father gave him — and Solomon took it to heart. He loved golf, so he enrolled in Golf Academy of America in Orlando. More than two decades later, he is proving his father right.

Solomon is the founder of Golf Made Simple, a three-day golf school dedicated to helping golfers improve their swing. Each class has no more than four students, and skilled golf instructors give every golfer personalized instruction, coaching them through the movements. At the end of the session, 92 percent of Golf Made Simple students report seeing an improvement of 6 to 11 strokes.

With more than a dozen locations across the United States and in Europe, Golf Made Simple is growing so quickly that it is having trouble finding enough high-quality instructors to meet the demand.

That’s where Golf Academy of America comes in.

Solomon is looking for people who want to succeed in business, in life, and in golf. And he’s partnering with Golf Academy of America to find them. He will hire the most motivated graduates, train them, and put them to work on the golf course, where they will interact with what he describes as “the most interesting customers in the world.”

His customers are, on average, between the ages of 45 and 75, and they have one goal in mind: to improve their golf game. Some are highly motivated, while others may simply not want to embarrass themselves on the golf course. So that everyone feels more comfortable, they are grouped according to skill level. The golf instructor spends three days on the course with them, giving each golfer individualized attention and guiding them through the program.

With a network of schools spread so wide, Solomon’s day is 24/7. He constantly fields phone calls from all over the world, discussing opportunities for expansion and building strategic alliances, such as the one with Golf Academy of America.

Solomon has a word of advice for Golf Academy of America students that are looking to have a successful career in the golf industry.

“Listen to people that are more experienced. Listen to their successes, but also listen to their failures,” he says. “Stay motivated and put work into it, and you’ll succeed.”

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