Golf Academy of America Faculty Members Win PGA Section Awards

Nov 27, 2017

GAA Faculty Members Win Awards

Golf Academy of America is pleased to announce that two of its faculty members were honored with 2017 awards from their respective PGA sections. Tim Eberlein, Campus President at Golf Academy of America in Phoenix and a PGA Master Professional, was named the 2017 Horton Smith Award winner for the Southwest PGA Section, while Aaron Bonvillion, Academic Dean at Golf Academy of America in Dallas and a PGA Professional, was named the 2017 Horton Smith Award winner for the Northern Texas PGA Section, Metro Chapter.

The Horton Smith award is presented to a PGA member from each section who has shown outstanding dedication to education in the game of golf. Both Eberlein and Bonvillion have outstanding records in player development and education, both in their careers at Golf Academy of America and within the PGA.

Eberlein has served as campus president at Golf Academy of America since 1998, and served on the Southwest PGA Board of Directors as the Education Chairperson from 2011 to 2017. During this time, he coordinated 64 educational seminars for his PGA section members. This is the third time Eberlein has received the Horton Smith award, having won it in 2010 and 2014 as well.

Bonvillion became a PGA member in 2013 and began working at Golf Academy of America in 2015. As Academic Dean, Bonvillion has revamped the online educational program, allowing students from across the country to participate in classes and increasing online first semester retention rates by more than 30 percent.

“Part of the reason why I love this job is being able to prop young professionals up,” said Bonvillion. “I really tried to paint that in the application. PGA membership means a lot to me, and the work that I’m doing is all about grooming the next professional.”

Eberlein added: “The award is nice, but I think the recognition from my fellow professionals was more rewarding than anything. It helps bring some closure to all the hard work, my dedication to growing the game of golf and trying to make golf better for everybody.”

Both Eberlein and Bonvillion will be presented with their Horton Smith Awards in awards ceremonies in the coming months.