Looking Ahead: Golf Predictions for 2018

Dec 21, 2017

Golf Predictions For 2018

At Golf Academy of America, we talk a lot about preparing our students for a future in golf. But what does that future look like?

We asked our faculty members to share some of their predictions for the golf industry in 2018.

2018 PGA Tour

The 2017 PGA Tour was an exciting one. Newcomers performed admirably, including Rookie of the Year Xander Schauffele, whose father and lifelong swing coach is a Golf Academy of America graduate.

Golf Academy of America in Dallas Academic Dean Aaron Bonvillion predicts that 2018 will follow the same trend.

“First time winners will be prevalent…again,” he says. “Professional sports stars are getting younger and younger. Golf is no different!”

Matt McConnin, Director of Career Development at Golf Academy of America in San Diego, believes that the tour will expand its market and host more tours internationally.

“The tour will spread as Olympic golf inspires those around the world,” he explains.

Golf Equipment

Golf technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and the data that has become available in recent years has allowed players to gain invaluable insight into their swing. This has changed the game in unprecedented ways.

“Advances in equipment and training continue to morph our sport,” says Bonvillion.

McConnin agrees, and predicts that 2018 will bring another great discovery in ball materials.

“There will be some sort of ‘Bounding Billy’ revolution,” McConnin says, referring to the Haskell ball that took the golf world by storm in the 1890s by providing far more bounce than ever before.

But Golf Academy of America in Dallas’ Director of Clubfitting David Estabrook disagrees.

“Instead of changing the ball or equipment, professionals will compete without the use of a tee,” he predicts. “Everything is hit off the deck.”

Golf Companies and Organizations

In 2018, McConnin believes that golf companies will tire of attempting to woo each other’s top talent, and will seek to combine forces.

“We will hear about a large merger with at least two Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs),” he says, emphasizing the hiring competition. “This will be one of the underlying motivations behind becoming one large conglomerate.”

Estabrook sees a future in expanding the golf market to include more women.

“The LPGA will continue to grow globally and increase junior girl numbers significantly,” he says.

Golf Rules and Attire

As times are changing, so are the rules of the game. McConnin thinks that the new rules will be widely embraced. He cites an example: “Players may repair spike marks or other damage, including footprints, on the green with no penalty.”

“This particular change is long overdue,” McConnin declares. “The public will see this rule as a new, common-sense approach.”

McConnin also predicts that the leisure suit will make a comeback in 2018.

“The golfing world has embraced polyester,” he says. “Why not?”

Where do you fit in the golf industry in 2018? Golf Academy of America can help you answer that question. Contact our admissions representatives today to learn more about the future of the golf industry and its opportunities for you.