How important is green reading in putting?

Apr 4, 2017

How important is green reading in putting?

By: Nathan Grafe

When asked, “What makes a great putter?”, the solution seems easy. Read the break, speed and slope correctly. Putt the ball in the correct direction with the correct speed.

Instead, let’s focus on the non-technical portion of putting that includes:

Green reading is crucial and there are different methods a player can read a green for its slope and break.

Green Reading Methods

At Golf Academy of America, we use steps 2, 3, and 4 listed above in our golf education curriculum.

AimPoint is a valid method that is looked at and studied through its charting, stepping, and reading process. Students use the digital level to read the slope percent to get a gauge on where the anchor points and inflection points truly fall. Using their feet to feel and identify elevation changes teaches the starting point for finding the zero line. Lastly, we use the Sweet Roll device to validate zero lines to identify the straight putt and for visual imagery.

Ever play the Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy games for PlayStation or Xbox? We now have a way to create the “putt preview” line just like in the game to visualize and see the exact line. Once the student can identify where the zero line is, then it falls on the student to train and understand the slope-to-break relationship using the AimPoint method.

Nathan Grafe is a PGA Professional and instructor at Golf Academy of America.

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