Myrtle Beach Golf Tournament for Alumni

Jan 31, 2018

Myrtle Beach Golf Tournament for Alumni

In December, Golf Academy of America’s Myrtle Beach campus hosted an event for its graduates. One hundred and twenty alumni from across the country returned to their old stomping grounds to reunite with classmates and instructors, and, of course, to play some golf.

Participants included alumni who had just recently graduated and some who graduated more than 10 years ago. Ages ranged from 20 to 70, but all shared one thing in common: a love for the game of golf and a passion for working in the golf industry.

Gene Augustine, Campus President of Golf Academy of America in Myrtle Beach, says that planning the reunion in the month of December was deliberate. For those working in the Northeast or the Midwest, winter is a slow time of year for golf, making it the ideal time to travel.

“It’s great to bring people back to the Myrtle Beach area,” says Augustine. “When you spend 16 months with somebody, close friendships develop, and then people go their separate ways, so that reconnection is really good.”

After a pre-tournament briefing, the players headed out to the course for a long drive contest where, using Trackman technology, they gathered data on their swing. There were contests as well, and two-man teams competed for the first-place trophy. Following the tournament, Pine Lakes Country Club hosted the group for a reception.

“I always say going to Golf Academy of America is a transformative experience,” Augustine reflects. “You come in as somebody that has some knowledge about the golf industry, but by the time you graduate, you are ready to pursue a career as a golf industry professional. We see that in our students.”

Augustine says that those looking to hire golf industry professionals see that, too.

“Our alumni are now employers — directors of golf operations, general managers, head professionals — looking to fill their ranks,” he says. “They want to put their name in the hat for the Career Development department. We’ve uncovered some future job opportunities for our students and graduates.”

Augustine says the Myrtle Beach team and the alumni are already looking forward to next year’s reunion.

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