Golfers Get Swing Insights at the San Diego Golf Skills Combine

Dec 18, 2017

San Diego Hosts Golf Combine

Golf Academy of America in San Diego hosted a golf skills combine for Veterans Day. The event included a number of attendees, from high school students to those in their early 60s, who wanted to gather valuable information about their golf swing.

Staffed by student volunteers as well as PGA and LPGA professionals from Golf Academy of America’s faculty, the golf combine offered a place for passionate golfers to learn about golf technology, inquire about how to start a golf career and gain insight into their game.

The day began with an overview of Golf Academy of America and a campus tour. Each of the attendees was introduced to current golf technology available on campus, including Trackman, V1, BodiTrak and Blast Motion.

After the introduction, the group headed out to the Marine Memorial Course at Camp Pendleton.

“Of the six, I think four people who participated were veterans,” says Golf Academy of America in San Diego Campus President Rich Iorio. “That’s why we had it at Camp Pendleton, to show appreciation for the troops and as a thank you to those who have fought for our country.”

Improving Golf Skills and Golf Swing Analysis

At the Marine Memorial Course, players participated in a series of exercises designed to measure their game. Each station tested a different skill: putting, chipping, pitching, bunker shots and wedge shots. In all, 80 different short game strokes were recorded. By tracking their scores, the golfers are able to keep a record of their improvement over time.

The participants also had the opportunity to gather data from Trackman. Each hit with four clubs, gathering eight different data points for each swing. According to Iorio, this type of information is invaluable to players looking to improve.

Just weeks after the successful event, Iorio is already thinking about the next combine.

“We’re going to try to do them twice a year,” he says. “It’s a great benchmark for them to try to evaluate where they’re at. Then they’ll come back to our next combine and we’ll see what kind of improvement they’ve made, and we’ll continue to try to track that.”

Real-world Experience for Golf College Students

Iorio says the school’s golf combines benefit not only the golfers, but are also advantageous for the student volunteers.

“They’re able to try these new, creative events that they can take to facilities that they’ll be working at in the future. But even more importantly, they’ll learn how to run these kinds of events, the preparation that goes into it and what it takes to be successful so that the participant who is here for the day really sees the value in it,” he says.

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Iorio believes that each golfer really did value the experience:

“They saw the fundamentals of what they’re doing correctly and what they could improve upon to really improve their kinematic sequence, become more efficient in golf and score better,” he says. “That’s really the genesis of this particular event: to give these golfers who have a serious passion for the game a little more insight as to what they can focus on to get better.”

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