What to Bring to Golf College

Oct 19, 2018

Golf college students with golf equipment

When you enroll in golf college, it is important to make sure you have everything you need in order to achieve success. While you are double-checking your bags and clubs, it is equally important to remember that golf schools also want you to bring the right attitude, mindset and spirit to the field and to the classroom. This list from Golf Academy of America can help you be poised to tee off to a good start.

A Winning Attitude for Golf School

A winner isn’t made simply through repetition, practice and studying advanced theories — a winner is made with a decision to uphold a great attitude. Success starts with having the right attitude, and this is true of any endeavor in life. The right attitude can be the determining factor in winning a game, getting the most out of classes or advancing in knowledge and in skill. Have the wrong attitude, and you might lose out or not even try when it counts the most.

The right attitude is not complicated and costs nothing. It is simply a dedication to approaching every situation with a proactive, confident and curious nature. It is building a mindset that is unshakeable when obstacles suddenly present themselves. A winning attitude is one that sees obstacles as merely challenges to be overcome and one that knows that anything is possible with determination and hard work. Bring this attitude with you to a golf school like Golf Academy of America and you can apply it to the world of professional golf and golf operations.

Commitment to Working Hard

Establishing the right attitude is paramount to success at most golf schools, but so is the willingness to put in the work so that you gain every benefit of attending golf college. Nothing worthwhile in life comes without effort, and if you are willing to work hard — and not just put in the bare minimum — then your levels of success and reward skyrocket to new heights. Bring this commitment to hard work with you when you enroll in golf college.

“Your instructors and your future prospective employers will recognize your willingness to roll up your sleeves and get the work done regardless of the position or topic,” says Associate Director of Admissions at Golf Academy of America Adam Riedel. “This trait will help you take not only your first step into the industry, but also your next step toward a promotion.”

Goals for Golf College, Golf Jobs, and Beyond

Goals are extremely powerful tools to help motivate you to accomplish virtually anything you set your mind to. Goals give you a compass and a direction for which to aim, as well as a set of trackable stepping stones to set your path. They also serve as a reminder of what you are really after — in this case, a career in the golf industry.

Use goals to motivate and check in with yourself. Are you working your way to the golf jobs you want and the life you’d like to build? The only way to know is to set benchmarks and goals and keep track of them along the way. Have a list of goals ready for your first day of golf college, and work with your instructors to stay on track and expand those goals as you work through your golf program.

Golf Equipment

In addition to bringing the right attitude, a willingness to work hard and a determination to setting and achieving goals, there are some required pieces of golf equipment that you will need specifically for golf school.

The golf equipment you will for golf school typically includes:

In terms of clothing, at Golf Academy of America students are required to maintain a dress code that reflects the excellence of our school and the sport. Polo shirts, dress shirts, dress slacks, golf shorts and professional footwear are expected to be worn every day. Faculty members are happy to answer student questions about dress code and appropriate golf attire.

School Supplies for College

Your time at golf college will be split between the golf course, technology and training labs, and traditional classroom settings. This means in addition to golf equipment, you’ll need some traditional school supplies, as well.

A computer of some sort will be necessary, and Riedel recommends a laptop. Laptops are inexpensive, portable, can accomplish a lot and keep you connected in our ever-digital world.

You will need the following additional school supplies for college:

Ready to Start Golf School?

With this list, you will be well on your way to a succeeding at Golf Academy of America or other golf schools. Remember that your on-campus admissions representative is the best resource for any questions you have as you prepare to attend golf college. Make sure to keep a good, open line of communication with your admissions representative and ask them any questions — big or small — that come to mind.

Pack your bags and get ready to start training for a career in golf!

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