Why You Should Play Winter Golf in Phoenix, Arizona

Feb 20, 2018

Why You Should Play Winter Golf in Phoenix

From polar vortexes to bomb cyclones, this winter has been a brutally cold one in many areas of the country. But one place that hasn't bundled up against the bitter winds and dealt with back-breaking hassle of shoveling snow: Phoenix, Arizona.

While the rest of the country was huddled up, shivering and drinking hot cocoa, Phoenix residents were outside enjoying weather in the mid-70s.

According to Tim Eberlein, Campus President of the Golf Academy of America in Phoenix, it's this ideal climate that makes the city one of golf's best-kept secrets.

When Is the Best Time to Play Golf in Phoenix?

"The golf courses are in their best conditions from November through March," Eberlein says. "In the wintertime, you're used to seeing storm clouds or snow clouds, but here, it's blue skies."

Adding to the beautiful sunny atmosphere, Phoenix golf courses are picturesque in the winter months. Eberlein explains that during this season, the courses switch over to a winter grass.

"They're able to cut it down and manicure it much better than they can in the summer time," he explains.

The one caveat that Eberlein offers about Phoenix golfing in the winter is the crowds.

"It brings in a lot of vacationers," he says. "With the great golf, it gets crowded and competitive. The rounds may take a little longer, but you're out there to enjoy the weather!"

The Phoenix area boasts over 140 golf courses, and Eberlein says Golf Academy of America students have the chance to play at over 30 of these courses during their 16 months at the school. It helps that every month is a good month for golfing.

"The courses have bright green grasses with maybe a touch of brown rough to accent the fairway tees and greens," Eberlein describes. "The lakes are nice and shiny. And no matter where you are in Phoenix, you always have a mountain view."