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3 Reasons to Embrace Golf Simulators

3 Reasons to Embrace Golf Simulators

Golf simulators have existed, in one form or another, for the better part of 20 years. They started out as expensive novelties, but in the last few years millions of dollars have been invested in turning them into powerful tools that can extend the golf and golf instruction experience well beyond what was previously possible. At Golf Academy of America's five campuses, they are an absolutely critical component of the curriculum, and one of many reasons why Golf Academy of America students are so passionate about their school.

Here are three reasons you should be excited about the proliferation of golf simulators and why they are an essential part of the Golf Academy of America education:

So get excited golf lovers — the explosion of golf simulators in the industry means better players, increased competition and more ways to enhance your game. Whether used at home alone for practice, or with friends for some friendly competition, golf simulators are sure to help you perfect your skills.

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