5 Golf Apps to Improve Your Game

5 Golf Apps to Improve Your Game

Usually when you hear of a tour player "phoning it in," there's a pretty good chance he or she is just trying to muddle through a tough first two rounds before missing the cut at a tournament.

At Golf Academy of America, we embrace using technology to improve your golf game. Here are five of the best golf apps you can download on your smartphone that can help you become a better player. Our favorites include:


Have you ever wished you had the PGA Tour's Shotlink system following you and tracking your rounds? GAME Golf offers a pretty good substitute. It comes with a full set of chips that clip into the butt ends of your golf clubs, as well as a device you clip onto your belt. Simply touch the club-based chip to your belt before each shot and GAME will record your position throughout the round, enabling you to analyze club distances, miss tendencies and statistics like fairways in regulation, greens in regulation and putting on your phone, tablet and/or desktop. The app is free, and the clip devices are $199.

Arccos Golf

Arccos is a competitor of GAME Golf, and you'll notice that it's $100 more than the GAME Golf app. Why might it be worth the up-charge? First, GAME requires that you tap your clipped-on device before each shot (which might be annoying/cumbersome to implement into your pre-shot routine), while Arccos does not. Furthermore, while GAME's stats-tracking is meant to be used after a round, Arccos is usable in real-time and also functions as a GPS system. The app is free, but the devices are $299. So for $100 more, you get a lot more features.

My Pro To Go

Need a professional set of eyes on your swing, but not sold on the instructors active around where you live? Just take some video of your swing and one of the My Pro To Go's GolfTec-certified instructors will respond with a personalized video lesson. The app is free; lesson plans start from $39.

GHIN Mobile App

This may seem an odd addition to this list, but stick with us here. Only a small fraction of golfers — even ones who play a lot and want to get better — do not have an official handicap. It can be surprisingly easy to forget to post scores on your home course's computer or online at home. But the USGA's GHIN app is super easy to use. Seeing your recent rounds will hold you accountable and inspire you to pursue lower scores. Plus, it's 100 percent free, as long as you have an established handicap.

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