9 Best Golf Bags for your Next Round

9 Best Golf Bags for your Next Round

Although it is often overlooked, the golf bag is an important piece of golf equipment and should not be ignored. In a lot of ways, a golf bag is like the façade of the golfer's house: It gives others a palpable first impression of the gear and skill within. The type of golf bag you carry can say a lot about you.

Shopping for a new golf bag? Our golf experts at Golf Academy of America have compiled a list of some of the best golf bags out there:

Stand Bags

This is easily the most common type of golf bag. Ideally, they combine durability with ample storage space without being too bulky to fit alongside a couple of others in your trunk or being too heavy to use while walking a lot of rounds. Current leaders in this category include:

Cart Bags

If your idea of golf always includes a golf cart, then weight isn't as much of an issue. That means storage is a bigger concern for you. With a cart bag, there is room to keep your rain suit and a couple dozen golf balls in your bag at all times — just make sure you tip the cart attendants when they lift them in and out of your car. If you're in the market for one of these bags, here are three to consider:

Walking Bags

Back in the pre-golf cart days, bags were exceedingly simple, without much technology factoring into their construction. Nowadays, these less complex pieces are making a comeback, especially among players who walk most rounds. Walking bags also enjoy the widest price range of any genre of golf bag. They are sometimes referred to as “Sunday bags.” They usually do not have stands and are typically laid flat on the ground.

There are so many options available to golfers today, and it can be hard to choose what is right. However, don't let that deter you from finding a proper golf bag — it's an important piece of your equipment. Any of the abovementioned selections would be a great place to start!

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