5 Golf Apps to Improve Your Game

5 Golf Apps to Improve Your Game

Usually when you hear of a tour player "phoning it in," there's a pretty good chance he or she is just trying to muddle through a tough first two rounds before missing the cut at a tournament.

At Golf Academy of America, we embrace using technology to improve your golf game. Here are five of the best golf apps you can download on your smartphone that can help you become a better player.

3 Thoughts To Help You Choose Your Next Set Of Irons

3 Thoughts To Help You Choose Your Next Set Of Irons

You may drive for show and putt for dough, but your irons are the workhorses in your golf bag. They may not get the glory, but they produce a far more varied array of shots over the course of a round and a season than your woods or flatstick. That's why you need to do your due diligence as you look for your next set.

3 Tough Golf Shots Made Easy

Three Tough Golf Shots Made Easy

One reason golf intrigues us so much is because there are so many factors that contribute to hitting a good shot. Even if you hit a good shot, additional contributing factors could still force you into a bad situation: Distance. Lie. Wind. Stance. Trees. Sand. Water. Speed of the green.

There’s another big factor - your mind. Was your last shot awful? Was it awesome? Do you need a birdie to get back into contention? Did you hit a bad shot the last time you used this club? Even a regular shot can drive you crazy if you let it.

So how can you increase your confidence when making some of the more difficult golf shots? Golf Academy of America has a few tips to make these tough shots a little less daunting.

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Golf Equipment?

Golf shoes

With some sports, you can get away with keeping your gear and equipment for a long time without worrying that it will become obsolete. Golf, in a lot of ways, is the complete opposite. Technology and manufacturing advancements, especially with golf clubs, can make your golf equipment practically ancient after one summer of use. This isn’t to say that all of your golf gear has to be brand new every year, but if you have old versions of the following items, it may be time to upgrade.

Best New Clubs for 2015

iamge of golf clubs

Every golf brand in the world makes something shiny and new for 2015. We all have our preferences for our favorite clubs, but let’s imagine that price doesn’t matter, all brands are equal, and we’re not choosing Nike clubs because Rory is our favorite player. What are the best clubs this season for a golf enthusiast with a very low handicap? Let’s find out...

Putters the Pros Use

A golfer taking a long putt, putting from the green.

Do you want to be consistent on the green? You’ll need to find the right putter head for your stroke, just as the professionals on the PGA Tour have done. Putters are arguably the most ...

Add Some Substance to Your Golf Style

The days of showing up to the golf course wearing baggy cargo shorts and a pique polo are long gone. It’s no longer good enough to show up at the course simply ready to play. You have to be ready to play and ready to say, in the words of Will Smith, “I make this look good.” For today’s golfer, style is another essential component to the game. Certainly marketing is a huge part of the fashion culture of golf. All of the big brands have their showcase stars. Nike has Tiger and Rory. Adidas has Sergio. Puma has Rickie. But the competition of these and other brands is actually good for the amateur golfer as well. Each golf season, most brands are developing lighter fabrics, more comfortable golf shoes, and yes, wilder colors to be worn on the course. While a highlighter yellow shirt with Carolina blue plaid pants may not be for everyone, innovation and a little fun from golf brands make the game better for all of us. Here’s a look at some fashion-forward trends in the golf world:

Does Finding the Correct Ball Affect Your Game?

These days, the golf equipment business is booming. Golfers spend countless hours researching developments in clubs, then being fitted for the proper equipment. The lowly golf ball might not get as much attention, but the pros at Golf Academy of America would argue it's just as important.  

How Can a Swing Simulator Improve Your Game?

Golf is a game of repetition and muscle memory. The more you practice shooting the right way, the easier it will become. At Golf Academy of America, training is a top priority for students, both with instructors and on their own.

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