Is it Time to Upgrade Your Golf Equipment?

Golf shoes

With some sports, you can get away with keeping your gear and equipment for a long time without worrying that it will become obsolete. Golf, in a lot of ways, is the complete opposite. Technology and manufacturing advancements, especially with golf clubs, can make your golf equipment practically ancient after one summer of use. This isn’t to say that all of your golf gear has to be brand new every year, but if you have old versions of the following items, it may be time to upgrade.


Your old driver

Is your driver more than five years old? If you golf frequently, even semi-frequently, then you should look into upgrading. If you love your classic irons, you can get away with using those for a long time, but drivers are different. Even four years is pushing it. New drivers can be expensive, but every year when the golf brands come out with their latest models, last year’s drivers become more affordable.

The reasons a new driver is necessary? It all comes down to more control and more yards on your drives. If you hook the ball most of the time off the tee, your new driver can help you out with that. If you need a little more distance, the stronger, thinner and lighter materials modern clubs are made of are here for you. You’re not going to instantly become Brooks Koepka, but with the club that fits your game, you’ll see a noticeable difference.

Your non-golf polo shirts

It gets hot when you golf, especially in the summer. It may be time to trade in your everyday polo shirt that doubles as your golf shirt for an actual golf shirt. Golf brands – from the top-of-the-line Nike Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy styles to the discount rack brands – make golf shirts that are designed to keep you cool. These shirts will make you more comfortable on the course.

Your metal spike golf shoes

OK, we’re kidding on this one. But if your golf shoes are more than five years old, you will be pleasantly surprised by the advancements made in golf footwear. Golf has come such a long way from metal spikes that a lot of today’s golfers have tried spikeless golf shoes. These designs still have texture on the sole for grip, but they’re lighter. In addition, most spikeless golf shoes transition well off the course. Even if you opt for a more traditional golf shoe with plastic spikes for stability, today’s modern versions are better designed for golfers’ movements.

Other upgrades to consider this season:

If you’re looking to upgrade your game a bit, start with your golf gear. It could change your whole mindset. Like Chi Chi Rodriguez said, “Golf is 95% mental and 35% psychological.”

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