5 Rewarding Golf Careers You May Not Know About

Apr 17, 2015

Man swinging golf club.

As an invitational tournament with the smallest field of all the majors, The Masters limits its participants to about 100 players each year. Those 100 guys are the ones who get all of the attention, and rightfully so, considering they are the best golfers in the world, performing on perhaps its biggest stage.

But think about all of the golf professionals behind the scenes that it takes to put on the tournament. There are tournament administrators, food and beverage managers, retail managers and course superintendents. And those are just the people involved at the course level. Consider the club designers and club makers. Then there are the golf apparel brands, sponsor teams, sales teams, not to mention swing coaches and golf instructors.

With Augusta behind us, let’s take a deeper look at five rewarding careers in the golf industry you may not have considered:

Golf instructor – Being a teacher at any level of golf may be the most rewarding golf career out there. We all know how difficult the game of golf can be. It can be downright frustrating, then you hit that one perfect shot and it brings you back for more. Golf instructors have the incredible opportunity to save you from so many bad shots and create many more opportunities for those perfect moments on the course. Imagine meeting with a struggling golfer, providing tips and instruction, and witnessing them get better and better each time they meet with you.

Golf club fitting – An expert club fitter can have as much or possibly even more of an impact on someone’s golf game as a golf instructor. By analyzing someone’s swing, body type, face angle, club path, spin rate, ball speed and more, a club fitter can provide golfers with clubs that will maximize their games. As a club fitter, you’re helping golfers before they even get to the course or driving range.

Golf course management – As a course manager, you may be someone who sees the big picture as opposed to specializing in clubs or the mechanics of the swing. What’s the best way to maintain the course – from tee to green and all that’s in between? By maintaining a pristine golf course with fast greens, raked bunkers, trimmed trees, smooth cart paths and more, you’re improving the experience of everyone who comes to your course throughout the golf season.

Golf director – As a golf director – of a course or a golf association – you coordinate and administer tournaments and events. This is a position that requires organization and attention to detail. You must provide a detailed calendar of events and remember to leave enough time for your maintenance team to keep the course in proper working order.

Golf marketing/sales – If you have a passion for the game paired with a creative side, a career path in marketing or sales could be the right one for you. All of the golf brands and manufacturers need smart, creative teams to help promote and sell their products. Golf marketers and sales people often travel to tournaments or golf shows to inform golf fans about their products.

While the big names on the course like Rory, Phil, Rickie, Bubba – and now, Jordan – may steal all of the headlines and compete for green jackets, there is a huge network of golf industry professionals behind them. There are rewarding careers throughout the golf industry, whether you’re behind the scenes working for a golf brand or on the front lines teaching people this great game.

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