Golf Is More Than a Game. It’s a Career.

Oct 20, 2014

Mark Chapman is a graduate of Golf Academy of AmericaGolf Academy of America Alumni Profile: Mark Chapman

“It’s just a game.” Growing up, most of us have had a parent or coach console us after a disappointing day at the field, gym or golf course. And for most of us, that is quite true. You have to be exceptionally gifted at a sport – golf in particular – to make the game into a career. But what if that isn’t the case? What if you could turn your passion for golf into a career?

While passion will never translate into becoming the next Rory McIlroy, Golf Academy of America has endless stories of golf passion that didn’t turn into a playing career, but instead launched successful careers in the golf industry. GAA Alumni Mark Chapman is the perfect example. Check out his story…

Choosing a Lifestyle that Can Translate into Golf Industry Work

“I didn’t have a big background in golf, but I enjoyed golf,” stated Mark Chapman, Golf Academy of America 2011 graduate.

As Mark soon learned, it starts with the love of the game, but Golf Academy can take care of the rest. He was looking to get better at the game, but more importantly, he was interested in getting a golf career started sooner than later. The career aspect combined with the allure of attending college in “the mecca of golf Myrtle Beach” were more than enough for Mark to commit to Golf Academy of America. The weekly golf tournaments, open play and relatively limitless golf instruction and practice are bonuses that most golfers would have trouble turning down.

“At Golf Academy of America, I could attend for 16 months non-stop, earn my associate’s degree and start my career. While attending Golf Academy and upon graduation, the Career Development team provided me with different job leads based on my interests.”

Many Job Choices on Your Career Path

Mark’s interests centered on the club repair/club fitting aspects of the golf industry. His classwork, training success at Golf Academy enabled him to land a Master Club Fitter position at Golfsmith. He also worked in resort management as a golf director. He now works as an independent contractor in club repair and club fitting.

Mark’s experience at Golf Academy Myrtle Beach didn’t end upon graduation. “My class was excellent. I’m still friends with a lot of people from my class. It’s a great way to network.”

As it turned out, golf is more than just a sport to Mark. His career path from club repair and club fitting to golf director to independent contractor shows the depth and versatility within the industry. There are a lot of job opportunities in golf beyond becoming a pro golfer. Is golf your game? Would you like to turn your favorite game into a career?

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