Golf Jobs: How to Go After the One You Want

May 3, 2018

Brett works in the golf industry as a master club fitter.

Golf is a $84 billion industry with many different career paths and competition for top jobs. The search for the right job in the golf industry can feel intimidating. So, how can you be prepared to go after the golf jobs you want?

Fred Barr, Director of Career Development at Golf Academy of America in Phoenix, has four tips for you.


In today’s competitive job market, Barr says that employers are looking to hire candidates that bring a lot to the table. They are pursuing multi-skilled employees who are able to communicate well, organize efficiently, make decisions and multi-task.

On a board in his office, Barr displays what he calls the “6 Ps”: Proper preparation and planning produces positive performance.

“In other words, if you want to perform well in the interview or your job search, you have to properly prepare for that,” Barr says. “Part of that preparation is setting SMART goals.”

What are SMART goals? SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-sensitive.

Throughout his career, Barr has found that students who set deadlines for their goals are much more likely to achieve them.

“It really does make a difference if they have some goals in mind and have an idea about what it is that they want to do and how they want to do it,” he says.

2. Visualize Success

“We talk an awful lot about maintaining a positive outlook,” says Barr.

He stresses that it is imperative to think positively, have an optimistic attitude and anticipate the outcome you want.

When you walk into an interview, Barr says that you should believe that you are going to be offered the job, and that you should visualize that successful result.

“Give yourself positive reinforcement when you get nervous,” he says.

3. Find Mentors

“Train yourself and find a good support system,” Barr says.

For example, students at Golf Academy of America receive support from a career development team. Students practice presenting themselves in front of an audience, do mock interviews and refine their resumes and cover letters.

Barr even checks up on students after they graduate to make sure they are on track in their job search or working toward the next step in their golf career.

Having mentors, Barr says, can help an employee find success in their job. If you find yourself working in a position that doesn’t offer a lot of training, a mentor can help bridge that gap.

“Dig your own well and fill it up with your own water,” Barr continues, explaining that you should take charge of your own career by learning as much as you can with the aid of trusted mentors.

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4. Get Experience

The number one thing you can do to help your search for a job in the golf industry is to gain experience.

Barr asks his students to get involved in volunteering, which serves double-duty as networking and job training. By volunteering with children’s golf programs like The First Tee and big charity events like the Waste Management Phoenix Open, Golf Academy of America students are able to put their name out there and gain hands-on experience.

In addition, Barr has found that certifications go a long way in the industry.

“We offer several certifications at Golf Academy of America, because these help our students stand out above and beyond those who do not get the certification,” Barr says. “As a matter of fact, we supply many of the standalone golf shops here in the Valley with clubfitters, primarily because our students have hands-on training and get certified in clubfitting.”

Overall, Barr recommends gaining as much experience and knowledge as possible and maintaining your personal brand to the highest degree.

“We have some students with some really great footprints in the marketplace,” says Barr. “I get phone calls from a lot of the employers because our students have done well in the industry and they want more of them.”

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