How Achievement Certificates Could Help Your Career

Jun 6, 2018

Students study club fitting and repair at Golf Academy of America.

Each student at Golf Academy of America graduates with an associate degree in Golf Operations and Management. In addition to this degree, earning an achievement certificate may help a student stand out from other golf school graduates.

An achievement certificate is an accolade available to all Golf Academy of America students that shows that they have gone above and beyond in their efforts. Each student who earns an achievement certificate must meet the requirements on their first attempt.

“Each one of the certificates is really designed to recognize students,” explains Brad Turner, Campus President of Golf Academy of America in Orlando. “It’s an internal certification award that we present to our students at graduation.”

Four Types of Achievement Certificates

Golf Academy of America offers four different achievement certificates to its students.

Teaching Certificate

The teaching certificate requires a cumulative GPA of at least 3.33 in a series of teaching courses, from golf fundamentals to advanced teaching. Additionally, a handicap of 8 or better is required for men (15 or better for women).

Turner notes that the handicap is relevant for the teaching certificate because a teacher should be viewed as an expert.

“You can imagine that taking a golf lesson from someone who isn’t a very competent player could create perception issues, and maybe knowledge-based issues, that could prevent them from being credible in the eyes of a potential student,” he says.

Club Repair and Fitting Certificate

For the club repair and fitting certificate of achievement, students must complete a club repair project and a term paper, pass the Golf Academy of America Comprehensive Club Repair and Fitting Exam with at least an 85-percent score, and receive a 3.0 GPA or higher in both the golf club assembly and repair class and the golf club fitting class. This is the most popular certification offered.

“Fitting is a big deal these days,” says Turner. “The basics of club repair are needed at virtually every facility in the country… having that club repair and fitting certification obviously differentiates people from those who don’t have it.”

Management Certificate

The general management certificate consists of an array of classes in which a cumulative 3.33 GPA or higher is required.

“Students have to take food service management, which is an elective course, and they have to take financial management — another elective course — and they have to take all the required courses from the management spectrum of classes,” Turner explains. “Those elective courses broaden their foundation and give them some more knowledge that will help them in the future.”

Tournament Operations Certificate

The fourth certificate offered is tournament operations.

“Tournament activity is a big deal in our industry,” says Turner. “All operators need someone who knows how to run tournaments.”

Turner notes that some places look for employees that can simultaneously run tournaments and act as rules officials.

To help prepare Golf Academy of America students with the tournament operations certificate to fill that role, the certification requires a cumulative GPA of 3.33 in three rules classes, as well as a tournament planning class and a tournament administration class.

Adding a Certificate of Achievement to Your Resume

While Golf Academy of America students are prepared to pursue careers in the golf industry, those with certifications can claim specialized knowledge in one or more of these key areas.

Turner notes that employers are likely to look favorably at a student that has gone above and beyond and earned a certificate.

“You can’t learn too much,” he says. “That’s the bottom line.”

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