Jobs in Golf: Media

Jan 21, 2015

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This is the eleventh post in a series exploring careers in the golf industry.

Media coverage has opened the world of golf to anyone with a television set or access to a newsstand. Because of network broadcasts of tournaments and cable channels devoted to the sport, a growing number of Americans follow golf and choose to try their hand at it.

A quick Internet search reveals multiple web titles devoted to the sport, many of which are related to print magazines. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the media somehow touches virtually everyone who plays golf or works in the industry.

Media coverage has also made professional players more accessible, according to Alan Rosensteel, Director of Career Development at Golf Academy of America in Myrtle Beach. “Whether it’s the PGA Championship or the British Open, you can find out more about the players and cheer them on,” he said. Rosensteel attributes greater interest in players and their techniques with increased participation in the game on an individual level.

You don’t have to be a championship player to make a solid career in golf media, but a specific interest in golf is vital. Positions can range from writers and editors for magazines, to television producers and Internet content writers, so a knack for writing or public speaking helps. No matter the job title, a knowledge of golf is critical to success.

According to Rosensteel, a Golf Academy of America education is not just for those who are interested in operations. Knowledge of golf course operations and maintenance, verbal communication skills, tournament management and rules and etiquette are all vital to a reporter’s understanding of the sport. Each is explored as a part Golf Academy of America’s curriculum.

Beyond academics, the connections made at Golf Academy of America give graduates the upper hand in obtaining media jobs. “You may get into the golf industry initially,” said Rosensteel, “But there are so many networking connections that take place because of the environment that our students are in.”

Rosensteel noted the professional atmosphere, alumni network and career placement department as advantages to a Golf Academy of America alumnus. “You are in an environment with successful people. We share information among the careers service departments between the schools for a national and international connection.” These connections make Golf Academy of America a compelling choice for anyone interested in a media career in the golf industry.

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