What Goes Into Spring Golf Course Maintenance?

Mar 14, 2017

What Goes Into Spring Golf Course Maintenance?

Golf course maintenance is the backbone of any golf operation. Though maintenance is the only part of a golf club’s budget that doesn’t make money, it’s absolutely crucial to a club’s success. Without consistent, careful upkeep, a course will quickly begin to look bedraggled, dropping the appeal of the club significantly.

Spring Golf Superintendent Responsibilities

In the early spring months, golf clubs in cooler climates are beginning to prepare for the busy season. As the weather warms and the trees slowly turn back to green, no place becomes greener than the golf course.

In areas where warm weather abounds, the course might be vibrant all year round. These mild climates may only require painting the green in areas where the grass begins to turn brown. But in locations where the seasons change, this time of year is all about feeding the grass. When the frosts melt, the fertilizer comes out. That‘s when the aerifying begins.

What is Aerification?

The goal of aerifying is simple: to get air and water to the soil. This is done by punching holes and pulling out those plugs. When there are holes all over the green, you fill those with sand and fertilizer, and water it. If it’s done when the grass is readily growing, the course becomes nice, smooth and green in no time.

Once the course green, the work isn’t over. Every day, the golf course superintendent has upkeep to do: mowing the grass, spraying for weeds, disease and insects, and always fertilizing, watering and feeding the grass. The golf course requires constant care and attention.

If you love working outside, perhaps a career in golf course maintenance is for you. Because a good superintendent is the bedrock of a golf course, the need for them in the industry will always be strong. Request more information from Golf Academy of America to learn about becoming a golf course superintendent and other careers in the golf industry.

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