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Golf Technology: What Does It All Do?

Golf Technology: What Does It All Do?

The game of golf has been around for centuries and has continuously changed throughout the years, but especially in the last few decades. The most recent improvements to the game include technological advances such as wearable technology, tracking systems and recording devices.

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Playing Golf

Man playing golf

Saying golf is fun is like saying the sky is blue. But did you also know that studies show it could be one of the healthiest physical activities you can do? A lot of people who aren't familiar with the game perceive it as a faux sport that people enjoy while drinking beer and riding in a cart, pausing only long enough to hit the occasional wayward shot.

3 Major Athletes Who Love to Play Golf

Stephen Curry

Like most working professionals, pro athletes need an escape from their day jobs every once in a while. But unlike those with work at a desk, athletes know that their competitive spirits will likely outlast their bodies' abilities to play their trade. So what's the best thing for them to do? Take to the golf course, of course!

Looking Ahead: The Next 5 U.S. Open Venues

A-Swing method
Image: Roger Rowlett/CC BY-SA 2.5

So with the 2016 edition and Dustin Johnson's great triumph in the rear view mirror, let's look ahead to the next five U.S. Open sites.

Father's Day: How Dads Influence Our Passion for Golf

Father's Day: How Dads Influence Our Passion for Golf

Father's Day is coming up this weekend, and even if it didn't coincide with the final round of the U.S. Open each year, it would still be a day on which golf is celebrated as a catalyst for family bonds — especially between fathers, sons and daughters. But since our national championship comes to a head on that day, it's all the more special.

4 Holiday Gift Ideas for Golfers

4 holiday gift ideas for golfers

The holiday season is here, and there are more reasons now than ever for golfers to be excited about the gifts they may give or receive. At Golf Academy of America, it's hard for us to choose just a few items from our wish lists. Luckily, we managed to narrow it down to four great ideas for gifts to give your favorite golfer.

3 Ideas That Could Re-energize the FedEx Cup

3 Ideas That Could Re-energize the FedEx Cup
Image: Steve Burns/CC-BY-2.0

Here at Golf Academy of America, we're all golf nuts. If the PGA Tour decided to hold a tournament at the most uninteresting goat pasture in golf, we'd still tune in to watch the pros duke it out.

Still, once the PGA Championship ends each August, the golf season gradually loses steam (with the one-week-every-other-year exception of the Ryder Cup and sometimes the Presidents Cup). This doesn't make sense; we're closing in on a full decade with the season-capping, four-event FedEx Cup Playoffs. Even the fact that the winner receives $10 million just doesn't seem to give it enough oomph.

So, here are some new ideas that might pep things up a bit:

5 Great New Irons That Are Turning Golfers' Heads


Even those who aren't golf equipment nuts will admit that it is an incredibly vibrant industry-within-an-industry. Every week, there seems to be hot new woods, wedges, putters or irons coming out of Carlsbad, Phoenix and anywhere else steel, titanium and tungsten are forged and cast.

How to Choose the Best Golf Shoes to Suit Your Style

How to Choose the Best Golf Shoes to Suit Your Style

The last few years have seen something of an explosion in the golf fashion industry. Every edition of the annual PGA Merchandise Show brings a new crop of clothiers hoping to find their way into golfers closets, a battleground that may now be even more hotly contested than their golf bags.

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