Q&A with Author and Golf Coach John Edwin DeVore

Apr 24, 2015

Golfer's Palette by Dr John Edwin Devore

John Edwin DeVore is the author of, “Golfer’s Palette: Preparing for Peak Performance” and a graduate of the Golf Academy of America-Phoenix.

Q. How did you decide to attend Golf Academy of America?
A. In winter 2008, my son, Doug, called from Glendale, Arizona and said, “Dad, I am thinking about a career change and attending the Golf Academy of America.” Still in a lingering search for a new beginning following retirement in 1993, my immediate response was, “Why don’t I come to Arizona and attend the Academy with you?” We chatted about it for a few minutes; and our decision was made. In January 2009, we were off to Chandler, Arizona, Golf Academy of America and I was there for 14 months living with Doug in an apartment adjacent to the second green on San Marcos Resort Golf Course, Chandler, Arizona.

Having played golf and having been a student of the game for 68 years, Golf Academy of America student life was exciting; playing weekly tournament golf was challenging; and studying the business of golf management was fun. Doug and I graduated in April 2010; and in early 2013 I returned to the Golf Academy of America to study Advanced Teaching.

Q. Why did you write “Golfer’s Palette”?
A. Following retirement and having recently been immersed for three years in the Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado contemplative environment, coupled with the training and practice of sitting meditation, the Academy’s technical skills training offered a unique opportunity to evolve a personal bridge between body-mind mastery skills. The genesis for “Golfer’s Palette” was the collection of Golf Academy of America reflection papers created during the 20 months of learning, practicing and experiencing the art and science of golf in the classroom and on the range during weekly tournament play and frequent rounds of casual play with my son and other classmates.

As a student of the game, the unique, central message in “Golfer’s Palette” is that uncovering and unleashing the artist within really works for every golf shot; and everything else we choose to do. The formula is simple: go to the breath, quiet the mind and connect, in the moment, with the target or those things that make a real difference in our intended quality of life. As one who loves the game, an experiential result has been, quite simply, a round of golf that deserves celebration because I did the best I could on every shot.

Q. Have the Golf Academy of America golf management skills been useful?
A. At the age of 70, while attending the Academy, a second career was not on my “bucket list.” However, in 2013, my wife, Cindy, and I opted to sell our home in Arvada, Colorado and move to an active adult community in Mesa, Arizona. This community has three executive, nine-hole golf courses. The developer has sold 2,300 homes and anticipates a build-out of the community at 2800 homes in five years. With build-out approaching, and because of my golf management training, my decision was to join a community feasibility committee with the objective of recommending a viable option for the purchase of the three golf courses.

At the present time, an acquisition task force is being developed to purchase and operate the courses. The Academy course operations and business planning skills will definitely contribute priceless benefits to the community efforts to create a business venture that skillfully and enthusiastically markets and provides guests a golf course brand and products that are distinctive, satisfying and memorable and that inspire a desire to return.

Learn more about John Edwin DeVore at his website and purchase your copy of “Golfer’s Palette” from Xlibris.com.

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