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Aaron Bonvillion

National Directors

PGA, MBA, National Academic Dean

Aaron Bonvillion is a PGA Class-A Professional originally from Sour Lake, Texas. Aaron spent his first 11 seasons in the golf industry at the semi-private facility Idylwild Golf Club outside of Beaumont, Texas (2002-13).

During his tenure at Idylwild, Aaron also worked on the Junior Tour Staff of the Southern Texas PGA Section (2010-12) and was the Tournament Coordinator for the Southeast Texas Senior Pro-Am Series (2011-13).

Aaron graduated from Lamar University in Beaumont with a Bachelors in Finance and Economics in 2009 and a Masters in Finance in 2010. Before joining the Golf Academy team, Aaron spent 3 seasons as a golf professional with the City of Arlington at the Chester Ditto Memorial Golf Course (2013-2016).

Aaron Bonvillion - Professional Shot Aaron Bonvillion - Golf Shot