Golf College Transcript Resources

Benefits of Online Transcripts:

  • Secure: Only the intended recipient will be able to access the transcript thereby limiting the number of “hands” that touch a document. The recipient can then share it with whomever necessary.
  • Timely: Official transcripts are delivered and downloaded by the recipient all within minutes on any computer as opposed to waiting for standard mail delivery.
  • Sustainable: No paper, or transportation are involved in this process, and it also limits the amount of paper storage needed.

How it Works

  • The electronic delivery method involves a two step e-mail process which is sent to whomever you have indicated as the appropriate recipient for your institution
  • The electronic transcript looks exactly the same as the paper transcript, only it is in PDF format and has a unique digital signature embedded in it. When the transcript is downloaded the recipient is able to verify its authenticity.

Official Transcript Request

If you graduated after April 1, 2007 please follow this link: Student Clearinghouse

If you graduated prior to March 31, 2007 please download, complete and remit this form to

Unofficial Transcript Request

If you have a Student Portal account, please visit the Student Portal at Select Report Card from the My Academics menu. Then pick Unofficial Transcript from the Printable Report drop-down menu and click the red PDF icon beside the menu.

If you do not have a Student Portal account, you will need to request an official transcript using the appropriate link in the Official Transcripts section above.