Top 100 Golf Academy of America Alumni

Blake Dodson

Graduate of Golf Academy of America in San Diego

General Manager

Current Employer: Encinitas Ranch Golf Course in Encinitas, CA

For Blake Dodson, it’s vital to have a broad skill set if you want to advance in the golf industry. “Challenges come from all directions and having that functional education is paramount and sought out by employers,” he says. His career started as a Bag Room Attendant and he worked his way up to his current position as Director of Golf at Encinitas Ranch Golf Course. “I would not have been able to advance quickly without the Golf Academy of America,” he says.

“At GAA, I learned a tremendous amount about the nature of the golf industry in a very short period of time,” says Dodson. “I have noticed throughout my career that employers use the GAA distinction as a key factor during the hiring process. I use this distinction when I hire at Encinitas Ranch.”

He advises students to take all the classes available at Golf Academy of America. “Golf has taken me places I would have never imagined,” he says. “There are various careers within the golf industry that have nothing to do with golf course operations. You never know what direction your career might take, so why limit your education? Never stop learning!”

Golf Ball of Choice: Titleist

Best part of his job? “My favorite part of my job in the golf industry is improving operations that maximize customer enjoyment. I personally believe that customer value equals customer-perceived experience/benefits minus customer-perceived price. My goal is to maintain a fun, quality experience that is memorable long after the price is forgotten. My most important job in the industry is growing the game.”