Top 100 Golf Academy of America Alumni

Brian Michaud

Graduate of Golf Academy of America in San Diego

General Manager/Owner

Current Employer: Scholl Canyon Golf & Tennis in Glendale, California

To run a successful club, Brian Michaud says you must become more "interactional" and less "transactional," adding that people skills have been the cornerstone to his success. Michaud learned this first in the retail industry, where he worked for 10 years before deciding to pursue an education at the Golf Academy of America in San Diego.

"For me, GAA opened the doors of possibility for the golf industry," Michaud says. "It allowed me to discover, interact and completely immerse myself into the world of golf. It nurtured my growth through skill development and fellowship of those already within the industry." He encourages students to be open-minded and develop an identity within the golf industry while enrolled.

Michaud now works as the General Manager and owner of Scholl Canyon Golf & Tennis in Glendale, California. He offers individualized instruction through up-to-date techniques, innovative drills, specific technology and creative teaching.

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Best part of his job: "The people are the best part of this industry. As a General Manager, I get to interact with great people on my team on a daily basis. I am privileged to be able to develop them as well as facilitate their growth within the industry. My interaction with the guests is also very satisfying, as bringing happiness to their day brings me great joy."

Brian Michaud