Top 100 Golf Academy of America Alumni

Jason Helman

Graduate of Golf Academy of America in Orlando

Director of Instruction

Current Employer: Wyndance Golf Club in Uxbridge, Ontario

PGA Member Jason Helman has a healthy respect for the human nature of his career. "First and foremost we are in the people business," he says. "I live on relationship road. The key to being a great coach, teacher or mentor is communication."

Helman, a graduate of Golf Academy of America in Orlando, is currently the Director of Instruction at Wyndance Golf Club in Uxbridge, Ontario, in Canada. He has served as Head Coach of the Canadian Junior Golf Team Coaching program, has been listed in Golf Digest as a Top 5 Prominent Teacher in Canada and received the PGA of Canada's Teacher of the Year award in 2010. He sits on Golf Academy of America's Advisory Board.

Still, Helman says he never stops learning. "I have evolved over the years and continue to learn and develop as a coach and a person," Helman says. He encourages students to soak in the experience. "The golf industry is perhaps one of the largest industries in the world with a small network. Stay patient. The road to whatever goals you would like to achieve is not a sprint, it's a marathon. It may take you awhile to get where you're going, so enjoy the journey."

What's in His Bag? Titleist

Golf Ball of Choice: Titleist

Best part of his job: "I'm a specialist and have focused on teaching for my 23-year career. Helping golfers enter the game, enjoy the game and even play for a living has long been my passion. Seeing someone smile or become excited about finally hitting that shot they've always wanted or being able to repeat more consistently and have fun, are probably the best parts of my job."

Jason Helman