Top 100 Golf Academy of America Alumni

Jeff De Franco

Graduate of Golf Academy of America in San Diego

General Manager

Current Employer: Lost Tree Country Club in Austin, Texas

Jeff De Franco took the long route to arrive at his career in golf. He graduated from Southern Oregon University with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and International Marketing, then went on to work in business and management. Because of this, he says the industry knowledge he received at Golf Academy of America in San Diego was invaluable. "Learning how to teach, along with club repair, tournament play and developing my own game was what I needed to get me on the path to success in this industry," says De Franco.

He is now the General Manager of Lost Tree Golf Club in Austin, Texas, where he enjoys working in a service-driven business. "Problem solving is an important skill in advancement," says De Franco. "If you learn how to interact with all different kinds of people, and learn to solve problems with creative solutions, you will go far in this industry."

Beyond the daily interaction with customers and business management, De Franco feels the most the important part of a golf professional’s career is to grow the game. "Share your love and knowledge of the game with others," he says.

What's in His Bag? TaylorMade

Golf Ball of Choice: Titleist

Best part of his job: "I have 150 acres of beautiful office that I get to go to everyday. The members are friendly and enjoy being at the club. Best of all, I get to grow the game of golf, ensuring that future generations keep the game alive."