Top 100 Golf Academy of America Alumni

Josh Jeffers

Graduate of Golf Academy of America in Orlando

Instructor/Studio Manager

Current Employer: Bobby Clampett Impact Zone Golf in Naples, Florida

For PGA Apprentice Josh Jeffers, building rapport and relationships is the key to teaching golf. Students will, "begin to trust you and really start to believe what you're telling them," he says. "They get motivated and the results start rolling!"

Jeffers is an instructor and studio manager of Bobby Clampett Impact Zone Golf in Naples, Florida, a facility that focuses on improving impact rather than swing style. He says his Golf Academy of America instructors motivated him to believe in himself. "Whether talking about my golf game, grades, presentation or Capstone project, they were always pushing me to get out of my comfort zone, be uncomfortable and start to learn and grow," he says. "When I applied for my first job, GAA was on the top of my resume, and I received my first job as an assistant pro because GAA got the Director of Golf's attention."

He offers sound advice for those working towards a career in golf. "In reality, not a lot of GAA students are going to make it on the PGA tour. That's just a fact," Jeffers says. "So while you're at GAA, take advantage of everything around you. Learn all the technology, how to use it and how to apply it to students. Go to class, pay attention and LEARN. All the instructors there are willing to help you. As far as what to do once you are out of school working your career, always continue educating yourself. I set aside a percentage of my pay every year to attend at least one teaching seminar or certification. Network. Use the connections you've made at GAA and meet new people who are in positions you hope to be one day, and learn from them."

What's in His Bag? Mizuno

Golf Ball of Choice: Titleist

Best part of his job: "What I enjoy the most about my job in the golf industry is getting to see the reaction when people finally hit the golf ball like they believe they can. It's awesome! It takes me back to some of my first lessons when I was able to learn what I needed to do to hit the ball better. Being able to engage with people every every day and help them get better is what really drives me."

Josh Jeffers