Top 100 Golf Academy of America Alumni

Nancy Harvey

Graduate of Golf Academy of America in Orlando

Senior Teaching Professional

Current Employer: Dana Rader Golf School in Charlotte, North Carolina

LPGA Class A Member Nancy Harvey is a top tier Cobra staff member at Dana Rader Golf School in Charlotte, NC. She takes a student-centered approach to teaching, adapting her personality to each golfer’s learning style.

“Coming from a corporate background organization, anticipation and follow up have helped me advance my career,” Harvey says. She also credits the opportunities presented to her at Golf Academy of America in Orlando. “They set the foundation for my learning in the golf industry.”

She advises students to make the most out of every opportunity. “Listen and observe high performers as much as you can,” she says. “Be a continuous learner in anything you do.”

Golf Ball of Choice: Titleist

Best part of her job: “When I first went into the golf industry I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. Through contacts I made at the Golf Academy of America, I was able to develop my teaching skills. I exclusively teach now and cannot imagine doing anything else.”

Nancy Harvey